About Julie’s Paris

Welcome to Julie's Paris

Discover Paris with Julie and Nurse Ann — the Experienced Travelers.

Find out how to plan your visit, where to stay, eat, shop and loiter to make your trip an experience you’ll want to repeat year after year.  After all, this is an Experienced Traveler core competency!

After countless trips to the City of Lights and France, the ETs post twice a month with Julie’s original content, opinions and photos.  No, we don’t live in Paris… yet.  But we visit when we can and think about it all the time.

The Experienced Travelers - Julie and Nurse Ann. Riding the Seine in search of content for Julie's Paris!

Fast Facts:

  • Julie’s Paris  started as a trip blog.  It would have been too tiresome to spend time and bandwidth e-mailing everyone 10-megapixel photos of duck confit.  So we decided to blog.  The format was ideal and our friends were hardly shy about sharing comments about our Paris adventures. Thus it began, and so it continues.
  • Our editorial goals are simple: useful travel advice for visitors, a smidgen of French history for context, light entertainment for our Dear Readership, and colorful observations about daily life in our favourite place.  La Gloire is our obsession, and we stand by it!
  • The ETs aren’t Wall Street bankers with offshore accounts who shop the triangle d’or and dine in Michelin-starred restaurants.   We recommend good values in prime locations that will extend your Euros.
  • We welcome readers from around the world.  We never thought anyone outside family and friends would care, but to our delight, they do!  Our Dear Readership are experienced travelers themselves, and very adept at recognizing an excellent confit.  We toil over the blog for their benefit.

Associate ETs

We are delighted to travel with friends and family, which adds a new dimension to our blogging.

Melinda and Julie delight in leaving their Found Money behind at the Fontaine St-Michel

Melinda is Nurse Ann’s daughter – a first-rate photographer, macaron tester and tireless walker in her wedgie sandals.

Clare and Joanne see the sights from the Seine

Clare and JoAnn are friends who have ventured to Paris with us twice.  They too are crack photographers and inquisitive diners.

Found Money – What is it and how to find it

The Experienced Travelers originated the oft-referenced ET economic theory of  “Found Money”. Here’s how it works.

  • Nurse’s car repair was expected to cost $1200.  So she mentally “deducted” the money from her checking account, knowing she would pay cash for it the next day.  In her mind,  the $1200 cash is *already spent*.
  • Much to her delight, the mechanic found used parts and the repair only cost $700!
  • This good fortune resulted in$500 in Found Money for Nurse! (The ETs recklessly propose that the elimination of the need for a new car resulted in $15,000 in Found Money. We welcome the debate!)

Important note: Found Money only works with cash. Credit card payments do not qualify unless you pay them in full within one month. Why not use Found Money to pay off those pesky credit cards and go to Paris on the savings!

Keep track of how much money you find and put Found Money in your savings account so it builds up and doesn’t get spent.

You can find money every day:  the custom-made boots you loved, but didn’t buy ($2000);  Fight the impulse purchase of dress/shoes/sheets/whatever. R

I like American Express membership rewards points as a Found Money source – so long as they’re spent on a necessary item that would otherwise require cash.

Watch your Found Money add up – You will be in Paris in no time!

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