Time-Lapse Through Paris!

Pont-Neuf in the rain. Paris romanticism as it’s best. Photo by Barb and Chris

The Experienced Travelers lovethis time-lapse video of Paris by Mayeul Akpovi.  It’s almost as good as being there, without the food, of course.

Click here to watch the video

Back to our regular posting schedule when Nurse is out of rehab. She is adjusting to her faux knee and working hard to get back on her feet again.

2 Responses to “Time-Lapse Through Paris!”

  1. cynshanil Says:

    Thanks Julie!! Jack and I both loved it! Now if it was pouring rain it would be just like our trip last summer!

  2. agzack Says:

    Energetic photography! Loved the Eiffel Tower and all the fireworks. Sending warm wishes to Nurse for a speedy recovery.

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