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Paris Quickpics: Happy Easter

April 22, 2011

Carrots any child would gladly eat

The Experienced Travelers wish you Joyeuses Pâques and a warm welcome to Spring!  These Parisian store windows with their voluptuous displays made us long for the Easter Bunny to grace us with baskets of luscious chocolates, merangues and subtle ganaches.

Happy Easter from A La Mere de Famille

The French gauge worthiness by one’s tolerance for pure dark chocolate – the higher the percentage, the better your chances are for immigration. If you can tolerate 70-85% and conjugate 7 irregular verbs, you’re in.
To celebrate the holiday, I’m sure there are roasts and pommes de terre gratinées in ovens all across Paris, with the promise of long afternoon walks and a rendez-vous with friends for a digestif at the corner cafe.

Choco bears and chickies and eggs from Carnot

While I work on “The No Wine Left Behind Tour Part Deux”, I give you David Sedaris’ “Jesus Shaves” from to enjoy (Click the link and scroll down about a third of the way to read the full story)

Eggs: not just for breakfast anymore

 We hope the weather is fine, the food is good and the tenor is restful on this Spring Easter weekend.  Watch for more ET Paris reports in our next post!
Relax and enjoy a leisurely Easter weekend!

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