Springtime in Paris

Springtime in Paris - time for the ET annual pilgrimage

The Experienced Travelers are busy with spreadsheets and schedules, which means we’re preparing for our return to Paris. O joy, O delight. It’s time to gather more blog content.  We consider it our contribution to the well-being of the Dear Readership, to whom we are devoted.

The butchers of Paris prepare for the return of the ETs. A little asparagus would go nicely....

This year we’ll be traveling with our very good friends Barbara and Christine. So there will be four meals to photograph instead of just two.  Already an improvement, don’t you agree?  Dear Readership, these girls are tireless shoppers and they’ll set a new standard for ET mercantile efficiency.

We're ready for a few new accessories and Featherstone in the Marais might be just the place to find them.

Nurse and I will kick off the trip with a few days driving in Brittany.  Expect oysters and seascapes.  Then we’ll join B&C in Paris for a week of arduous shopping, dining and sightseeing.  There are new restaurants on the itinerary, and our annual visit to Le Florimond for the lobster ravioli. We are open to suggestions if you can recommend a thrifty meal.

The ETs are committed to continuous improvement so we’re going to  neighborhoods that I want to know better, like Passy and Montparnasse.

We'll kick the tires and take the bus, once I figure out how to read the schedules.

We’ll also conquer our fear of les correspondances and ride the bus instead of hauling our sorry selves through the underground maze of the Metro. Expect reports from the Orsay, Marmottan and Rodin museums, the Maison Balzac and the market in the rue Dauguerre.

We’re cashing in our “spare change” jars.  Scientifically, this counts as Found Money since no one pays attention to spare change.  How efficient it is to rid ourselves of these pesky coins by turning them into euros and leaving them behind in Paris.  À bientôt!

2 Responses to “Springtime in Paris”

  1. Pat Says:

    Bus information would be great! We’ve been to Paris several times and we figure that it’s time we started learning how to use the bus system.

    • Julie Says:

      Pat I am investigating the busses right now. I was delighted to find #82 in Montparnasse yesterday. It meant I could avoid the metro and not have to change lines. What could be better than that!

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