A Paris Moment

Happy crowds filled the cobblestone streets of Montmartre on a Friday night

The Experienced Travelers appreciate variety, and we’ve certainly had ours on this latest visit.  Our dinner in Montmartre last night was a blast. We heeded Nurse’s text message “Montmartre – fun. Pigalle – oh la la, non.”.  Clearly, raucus living high above Paris agrees with us.  We rose early enough to fit in a full day today.

The ETs had a rue Mouffetard morning

Here’s a quick moment from our visit to the market on the rue Mouffetard.   The colorful blooms and bundles of white asparagus announce Spring.  Cheeses and delectables were for sale by hard-working shopkeepers.  Neighbors chatted, compared prices and bought for their Saturday night dinner.

We’re headed out for our Saturday dinner and a restaurant I haven’t tried before.  Will post again when the wireless internet cooperates!

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4 Responses to “A Paris Moment”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    April in Paris – how fab!! Have fun, looking forward to the continued posts.

    • Julie Says:

      Kathy! We are running ourselves ragged in the service of the Readership! More macarons and food photos on the way. I don’t think Mrs Mintz intended for me to take her teaching to heart, but alas!

  2. Nurse Says:

    Don’t you two think you should spend another week?

    • Julie Says:

      Nurse, we could only manage another week under your direct guidance, so get packing. Will Toby manage Command Central?

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