Back in Paris

A long lunch in the sun at the Cafe de Flore

Alors, mes amis!  An Experienced Traveler has returned to Paris!  After just two days, my mental circuits are gratefully adjusting to French sensitivities.  It’s so, so good to be here.

Nurse is home running Command Central, providing strategic direction via the miracle of text messaging.  So my Associate ET on this trip is her daughter Melinda, a tireless traveler who has single-handedly improved the state of the French economy since her arrival.

The weather is perfect and spring is alive in Paris, from the Rue Cler to the food halls at the Bon Marche, and at the Place St. Germain and the rue de Bucci. We scoured the Marais and both the Iles, and enjoyed a surprisingly pleasant dinner in Montmartre.

There’s so much to tell and so little time to write.  Suffice to say that  after consuming of 14 glasses of wine between us on our first day, we now limit ourselves to wine at *every other* cafe stop.  Nurse kept texting — what r u eating now? — and we succombed to death by cobblestones after combing the Marais for just the right buys (ask me about the briefcase I left behind…)

We will keep gathering content, dear Readership – always with you in mind.  Internet connectivity is a hit-and-miss affair, but I’ll post when I can.

Bon appetite! Goat cheese salad and an omlette from the Cafe Danton

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2 Responses to “Back in Paris”

  1. Tim Dineen Says:

    What fabulous fun! Visit Shakespeare and Company 37 rue de la Bûcherie, near Place St. Michel. It’s named after and in honor of the original Shakespeare and Company operated by Sylvia Beach who ran it until the Nazis closed it in 1941. For 20 years it was at 12 rue de l’Odéon.

    I wish I was with you tow! Have more fun than should legally be allowed! 🙂

  2. Julie Says:

    Tim we did homage to Sylvia and stopped by Shakespeare and Co. yesterday. I think I remember a rousing toast to Sylvia later in the day!

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