April in Paris


Mise en place in Paris. All that's missing is an ET.

The Experienced Travelers toil and sacrifice to entertain the Readership with anecdotes about Paris.   From time to time, we must refresh our photos – and our palettes – with exquisite new wonders to share on Julie’s Paris.  Thus, it is solely for your benefit, dear Readership, that I return to our beloved Paris in early April for an extended weekend of ET research and grocery shopping.

Is there falafel in my future on the rue des Rosiers?

Nurse declined to come along because it’s a quick visit, but I have the next-best travel companion on board – Nurse’s daughter, Associate ET Melinda. Melinda is an excellent photographer, a first-class shopper and a true food enthusiast.  She will be a boon companion and a welcome addition to our blog.

Fans of Nurse will be pleased to know that she’ll oversee operations from Command Central, directing our every move via phone and text message.  Believe me, nothing will get by Nurse and she has firm opinions about how this trip should go.  You’ll be hearing from her!

The gardens behind Notre Dame are perfect for a picnic

Melinda and I will make the most of four days in the streets and boulevards.  My cunning plan will keep us busy exploring neighborhoods and restaurants.  I have accounted for the mission-critical aspects on my ET spreadsheet; Omlettes – check.  Croissants – check.   Pâté and a crisp Sancerre – check.  It’s been a long winter and I am ready for spring in Paris.

Yes, I'm dreaming of this hamburger. It was spectacular.

I want to prowl the less-touristed streets of Montmartre and watch edgy young “Bobos” on the cafe terraces near the Canal St. Martin.  I’m curious to explore elegant Passy and we will  lunch-tour at the popular Wine Museum.  Maybe this time I’ll genuflect at Proust’s cork-lined bedroom, where he wrote his masterwork and ate takeout ice-cream from the Ritz.

Why not suggest a sight or a memorable meal using the Comments link below!  We travel to serve to the Readership so you can wine, dine, shop and explore Paris along with us.

Pray for good weather and watch for real-time reports.  Oh, la la.

Melinda and I will be reporting from Place St. Andre des Arts

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13 Responses to “April in Paris”

  1. whatsaysyou Says:

    The picture of the burger looks yummy 🙂

    • Julie Says:

      Oh, this burger from the Cafe Central on the Rue Cler was simply fantastic. And the fries were not just fries – but perfect French frites. This must be why I travel..

  2. Ally Says:

    I’m so excited for you guys! Cant wait to see pictures and hear about the food 🙂

  3. Ann Mason Says:

    Sigh, will I be sorry I am not on this trip? Probably. But who better to take my place but Nurse Jr.

    • Julie Says:

      Oh Nurse, you need to tell Melinda how to negotiate the Parisian streets the way you do! Don’t worry – we’ll text

  4. Allison Says:

    Bon Voyage!

  5. Pat Says:

    Yes, Bon Voyage and do have great weather!!!

  6. Pat Says:

    :):)!!!! Getting snow and rain in NYC for the next few days I hear!..Ugh.. Hopefully It won’t travel across the pond…:):)!!!!

    • Julie Says:

      Pat, we’re bracing for April snow Upstate. But the 10-day forecast for Paris looks perfect – Sunny and high 60s. So where do you go for good French food in NY?

  7. Pat Says:

    Nowhere lately, Julie! I am in boot camp, getting ready for the Spring/Summer, so am doing low carb, no sugar.. Can’t wait until I’m done!!!!!!!

    But a really nice French restaurant is at the bottom of my block called Cafe D’Alsace. I only just pass by these days….:(:(!!

    Have a great time, I will be in Europe this summer, so will appreciate the sacrifice then!..I plan on eating and walking my way through vacation!!!!


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