Bonne Année dear Readership!

Happy New Year from JuliesParis. Photo by Celeste Hutchins Wikimedia Commons

Happy New Year, dear Readership!  The Experienced Travelers hope yours will be blissful and bountiful.  We’re scheming to return to Paris in 2011! There’s so much more to see, do and eat…  And since these are ET Core Competencies, we’ll focus on what we do best.

We spent the Christmas break in “ET Kaizen Process Improvement” mode, developing an editorial calendar that we hope will be entertaining and useful.  Over glasses of crisp Vouvray, we wistfully recounted 12 years of Paris trips and photographs, and searched online for copyright-free assets.  This dizzying whirl of activity catapulted us to new heights of creative thinking and made us very hungry for foie gras.

Negotiating traffic in the Place de l'Opera

In 2011, we’ll explore different aspects of visiting Paris, torture you with Proust, visit Brugges, Strasbourg and Provence, theorize over incidents in French history and share resources to help make you Paris ETs too.     

Provencal Preview! We'll roadtrip on JuliesParis in 2011

First, we’ll start the new year with some suggestions to make your JuliesParis experience easier and more convenient:

The best reading experience  The ETs have tested, viewed and clicked like mad, only to discover that you get the best rendering of the site by bookmarking and reading it directly at  We are dismayed to find that clicking through from Facebook or reading a post in an e-mail may not give you access to earlier posts and other features.  We have convened Kaizen subgroups to solve this issue.

Register for Automatic Notification.  Following the fine example of French bureaucracy, the ETs are pushing automatic notification.   If you currently receive JuliesParis via a personal e-mail from me, why not sign up for automatic notification! And if you get JuliesParis via your work e-mail and prefer to use a personal account instead, automatic notification is a perfect way to make the change. Here’s how to do it:

Click here –  There’s a link on the right-side of the page where you can enter your email address.  


Don’t be shy – comment!  The ET credo is to promote a lively exchange of ideas — and people tell us they enjoy seeing comments by other readers.  Don’t hesitate to use the “Leave a Response” or “Add a Comment” links at the end of each post to share your thoughts!  If you’re a Facebook reader, enter your comments on the blog rather than on Facebook, so non-Facebook readers can be mesmerized by your erudite observations.

We'll explore Notre Dame and the Ile de la Cite


Sous le ciel de Paris! Photo by Dygert

What started as a trip report has blossomed into the ETs favourite obsession, thanks to your enthusiasm and interest.  We are deeply appreciative of your continued support and we’ll do our best to publish every 7-10 days, depending on the demands of The Real Job.

Bonne Année dear Readership!  We promise we’ll get back to the City of Lights in our next Post!

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2 Responses to “Bonne Année dear Readership!”

  1. Victor Says:

    To heck with “the real job” I enjoy your updates more.

  2. Julie Says:

    Oh Victor the Real Job pays the bills and provides for The Boy Prince’s biscuits and comforts.

    But I’ve noticed how much blogging has improved my approach to the Real Job. So there’s another reason to go back to Paris, yes?

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