La Mode Parisienne

La Mode Parisienne

Experienced Travellers watch the whirl of life around them.  Though I’m not a fashionista, here are a few observations about what people are wearing – and buying in Paris.  

Everyone carefully orchestrates their clothing, shoes and makeup, even to run the shortest errand.  It is a matter of national pride that the ensemble is right – whether it’s understated elegance or chic grunge.

Count the coats in this picture. It was in the high 60s and yet the coat is paramount.

Jackets and coats – preferably leather –  come out immediately following the rentree in September.  And wool scarves by early October.   No matter that the sun is blazing and it’s 75 degrees, the coat and scarf make a statement to the world, and they are mandatory attire. 

The legs matter!

Stockings and tights were a prominent accoutrement.  Ladies of every age and build made the most of them.  They were often the only splash of color or design.   And I saw lots of black tights under knee-length jersey tops finished off with a sporting pair of boots.  Lots and lots of boots on the streets…

They are all made for walkin' - and showing off those hose

What amazes me is the number of small, independent clothing shops featuring one or two designers, particularly in the Marais and around the Place St. Germain.  Each shop has a unique style and the clothing is paired with jewelry, handbags and accessories.  It’s a “one stop outfit” in an artisinal style.   ETs like this strategy because it gets you to the cafe faster.

That certain "je ne sais quois"

I loved this twirling shoe diplay in the Marais.  Gentlemen if you’re in the market for a red shoe with a chunky heel, there are plenty in stock.

Red shoes at morning / sailors take warning

Any style works, as long as it’s well-executed.  In this case, if you’re got it; flaunt it.  Jacket.  Boots.  Handbag.  It’s all there.

Retro works!

So how do ETs decide what to pack for Paris?  They are resigned to the truth.  They’ll never look like French ladies, so comfort is paramount, and black is best.  But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t shop for a dishy new jacket and top while she’s in Paris.  Besides, it’s research for the blog.  

If Foucault were alive today, he would be studying the physics of platform stillettos on cobbled streets.  And he’d be a happier man for it!

No matter what they wear, or what they're doing, Parisienne women are chic

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6 Responses to “La Mode Parisienne”

  1. Clare Says:

    Did you buy anything new?

    • Julie Says:

      Well I had to, didn’t I? I bought a top and Nurse got me a very snazzy jacket as an early birthday present. I will hold a fashion review with the bottle of St. Emillion that I brought home.

  2. Crone Says:

    Dahling, WHEN does your next Hot Wheels Escorted ET Tour happen?!
    I have learned more about the key delights of Paris from your blog than from my own two years la-bas. C’est vrai! Of course, when I was la-bas, the most obvious delights–food, fashion, et flaner, were NOT high on the assigned agenda! Helas. Merci pour ton magnifique blogue!

    • Julie Says:

      Cara, it’s never too soon to plan! There is a “fat tire” bike tour of the city – we can have our “hotwheels” tour, n’est pas?

  3. Ann Mason Says:

    I think my favorite sighting of the Parisienne style came on the very first day. I saw three little sisters, approximate ages 2, 5, and 7. Each were dressed in jeune fille garb, and each had a tiny scarf tied with elan around her neck. They start them early in Paris.

  4. Mary B. Says:

    And here I thought those chic Parisian women went sans hose all fall and winter. Oh, the whims of fashion! Heading out to Target for black fishnets.

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