Parisian Errands

Everyone is out doing errands on a drizzly day in Paris

It’s gray and rainy today, but the City of Lights is still a delight.  The Experienced Travellers look forward to sunny weather tomorrow.

But rain or shine, we must do our errands.   First, a great disappointment;  Catherine, the discount perfume store on the Rue Castiglione is gone.  We appreciate the sympathetic Lalique saleslady who recognized this serious emergency and sent us to another store on the Rue de Rivoli.  Nurse will float on a cloud of Mark Jacobs.  For me – once Chanel, always Chanel.

The Parsian firm of Maille is famous for it’s dijon mustard and cornichons since 1747.  By 1769 it was the official supplier of vinegar to the King.   Today, Maille is the official supplier of a certain Provencal mustard chez nous. 

A full selection of gourmet mustards on display at Maille

Then a lingering stop at Fauchon for some red sea salt.  The Experienced Traveller never passes up an opportunity to use facilities.  But who expected avant garde washrooms at Fauchon? 

Fauchon ladies restroom - self portrait

Errands beget windowshopping, which  is a Parisian sport.  ETs must be sportif as well and we did our best to excel.

A little something to wear to the office

Macarons are an art form

Storher came to Paris in 1730 with Louis XVs Polish queen and made a reputation with brioche. Here's his shop window today featuring fruit candies.

Laden with packages and filled with windowshopping dreams, ETs are rewarded with a pot of tea and an outdoor table in the late afternoon. 

Alors, our errands done; now we relax


5 Responses to “Parisian Errands”

  1. Crone Says:

    Crone drooling before her time here, ET! Macarons, Dijon moutard, Chanel and even Lalique! Alors! And what doest thou do with Red Sea salt? Season the little red potatoes, or quoi?

    Lovely post, beautifully adorned, just like the ET elle-meme! Merci!

    • Julie Says:

      Crone, the pleasure is mine, as you are the true artful blogger and a gifted writer. You are generous to endure the agony of my grammar. Friends, check out

  2. Tim Says:

    Alas, I must purchase my Maille here. The export stuff that is never as good. But, I suppose that is true of any food from anywhere.

    I want to go shopping at Fauchon. The *real* one, not some franchise.

  3. Ann Mason Says:

    The red sea salt, not to be confused with salt from the Red Sea, is a finishing salt. My fav use for it is on fish, looks so pretty and has a distinctive flavor. Our frineds Tim and Victor brought us some on a visit a few years ago. The last time we were here I bought more, got it home and dropped it on the kitchen floor where the glass container shattered into a thousand pieces. I considered trying to save the salt, but then that Shirley Jackson moment came to an end.

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