Dinner at Le Florimond


Laurent at Le Florimond always remembers us. Rely on him to deliver advice and an excellent meal

By popular demand, more food pictures.  Last night The Experienced Travellers visited their favourite restaurant, Le Florimond.  It’s been #1 with us for over 12 years.   The standard menu features “grandma’s recipes”, and there’s always a chalkboard full of seasonal dishes as well. 

If you arrive between 7-8pm, there are lots of English-speaking diners so there’s lots of cross-table visiting. (After 8pm the chatter is primarily French.)  Our neighbor was a dashing Dutchman. And on his left, a couple from Toronto. 

Ann got the 3-course menu and I ordered a plat and a dessert, with an affordable half-bottle of Bordeaux.  And here’s the food:

Ann's rabbit fillets, rabbit sausage, figs, white and orange carrots

Julie's stuffed cabbage - the recipe of Laurent's grandmere

It was a wonderful meal in a friendly, comfortable place with interesting people.  So why can’t we clone the Florimond dining experience in Rochester? 

Nurse in deep preparation for her dinner

Julie, dazed and confused after two hours of feasting (Laurent in the background tending to outdoor tables)

After a fantastic dinner the Experienced Travellers strolled home along the Rue Cler in the misty rain of a Paris night.  It was just perfect.


9 Responses to “Dinner at Le Florimond”

  1. Victor Says:

    Ahhhh…a stroll through the misty rain of a Paris night. Tout simplement merveilleux

  2. Ann Mason Says:

    Well one of us strolled pretty fast. Ou sons les toilettes?

    The dinner was terrific. I tried the rabbit on Laurent’s recommendation, a little leery because the last time I had it, in Rochester, it was over-cooked and bone dry.

    Oh my, was this different. They make the rebbit sausage on the premises just like Tim does. And there were three thick slices of rabbit filet, all in an exquisite reduction of something or other.

    The rabbit was tender as butter, wonderfully flavored, and the accompanying figs and carrots, an odd combination, were just right.

    Maybe we can squeeze in another visit before we leave?

  3. Judy Kiley Says:

    Sounds just divine..smiling here while Toby barks out the window at his friends..all is well here.

    • Julie Says:

      Judy, the Boy Prince is so lucky to have you! He must have been barking at the poodles. He hates them as much as the UPS truck.

  4. Belimar Says:

    If you are going to keep posting pictures of food, then I’ll have to remember to read your blog at noon. It is mid-morning here in Rochester and after reading your blog I’m starving and I’m craving a nice baguette, a croque monsieur, a dark chocolate glacée or even a nice crepe with hot chocolate sauce and chantilly cream. Yum! Oh to be in Paris . . .

  5. Clare Says:

    How the cabbage? I adore stuffed cabbage..

    • Julie Says:

      Clare the cabbage was wonderful. Stuffed with pork and sausage – Grandmere’s secret recipe. Are you going to run to Weggies and buy cabbage?

  6. Ann Mason Says:

    Who cares about cabbage when there is that gorgeous Dutchman at the next table? I think the Diva could have extended her evening had I not been there as a chaperone.

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