Les Shoppings

The famous dome and floor upon floor of fashion

The Experienced Travellers made their ritual visit  to the Galeries Lafayettes, the famous Parisian department store.  Hot. Crowded. Madhouse.  Today was Monday, when most museums are closed.  So everyone with a passport and a 10% discount coupon headed to the Blvd. Haussmann to do some damage.

The Galerie L. excels in the grand French tradition of over-heating.  Is there a section of the Napoleonic Code that legislates maximum central heating in public places where people are likely to wear coats and scarves? (which the French do starting in mid-September)

At any rate, I very quickly chose one top, and Nurse made me an early birthday present of a snazzy black jacket with a 19th century military motif.  I will make the perfect supernumerary in an Offenbach opera.

After our Galerie L. ordeal, we deserved a taxi home.  As we snaked through the traffic, I saw this informative historic plaque–

Proust's cork-lined bedroom is now a conference room in this building

I cried out to the driver “arrêt!, arrêt!” The frightened man pulled over so I could photograph and share this important moment with you.  Clearly, there must be a trip back to the Blvd. Haussmann so I can gain entry to the cork-lined room. I will use all my wiles and powers of persuasion.  Nurse can find a comfortable cafe where she can wait and pretend she doesn’t know me.

There were still groceries to be got, but Experienced Travellers never shop in a weakened state. We drew strength from a small snack of rabbit terrine; salmon tartate with fennel, dill and chive; bufala mozarella and warmed goat cheese on croutons with green beans, hearts of lettuce and a peeled tomato.  Did I mention the wine?

For the Foodies

Thanks to our restored state, we were capable of asking a nice lady in the wine aisle for advice, and came away with a 2-euro bottle of Bordeaux.  Report forthcoming. 

Digression for those of you who wonder about such things; 1 box of muesli costs 1.85 euro; 1 package of decaf costs 2.15 euro; 1 container of milk costs 0.65 euro. Oh, and I lied.  The wine was 1.85 euros, not 2.  (1 euro=$1.36)

At the produce stall, the radishes aren’t in yet, but the mushrooms are.

Exquisite mushrooms

Our shopping was done, but this Parisienne enjoyed window-shopping at a real-estate company on the Ave. Bosquet.  I wonder if there’s something there for me too?

Perfect Parisienne.

Travellers Note:  Thanks to all of you who expressed concerns about the warnings to US citizens in Europe. We’re paying attention and we’re staying put.


12 Responses to “Les Shoppings”

  1. Victor Says:

    Stop terrorizing the taxi drivers!!

  2. Tim Says:

    We need to go back and do more shopping! We had a wonderful time strolling the Blvd. Haussmann and ogling the stores and shoppers.

  3. Terry Says:

    Does it surprise you that the photo of the food is my favorite of this post? Sublime.

  4. Ann Mason Says:

    Count on lots of photos of food Terry, even if she has to take a picture of someone’s plate at the next table. This was the first meal out since the Gordon Gorge. Dining out is the most expensive thing one can do here, and buying groceries is about the least. We have a fully appointed kitchen except for the knife issue, but I am making do.

    Sublime indeed. The simplest meal in a mid to low end bistro is better than almost anything you can find in Rochester, beautifully done and the presentation is exquisite.

  5. Stephen Says:

    Julie, if you have a chance, you should try “civet de sanglier”.

    It’s wild boar cooked in its’ own blood. Incredible! I still remember the taste vividly from eating 15 years ago in Provence. Not sure if it’s quite the time of year yet, but if available, it’s a “must eat”.

  6. Bernie Says:

    Julie, Glad to hear that you are busy with the sport of “faire les emplettes.” That and the art of becoming a frugal oenophile.

    Keep seeking out those adventures gastronomique et litteraire.

  7. Julie Says:

    There will be more food pictures tomorrow or Thursday, as we dine at the Florimond tonight. Stephen I will watch for civet de sanglier but it will take quite a bit of wine for me to order it : )

    Then again there’s something to be said for a home-made roast chicken sandwich on a park bench.

  8. Ann Mason Says:

    Actually the roast chicken was on a baguette but who cares. And Stephen, have you eaten at Roonie’s? They serve all sorts of game meat. Or gamy perhaps. If the civet shows up I will order it just because you say so. I am pretty adventurous, and the worst meal I ever had in Paris was so good I could hardly stand it.

  9. Jane Says:

    Ladies – My mouth is watering with what tonight’s dinner pictures will hold. I want to taste Paris. The closest I have come in years is the petit pain made for me by Ann. (Merci)

  10. bet365 italia Says:

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    I come from roma, I was fortunate to come cross your subject in digg
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  11. Ann Mason Says:

    Jane, more petit pain in store for you when we get home. Tim, imagine running barefoot thru those mushrooms.
    Stephen, haven’t seen civet on any menu yet but there are things in the boucherie that seem to neigh at me.

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